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About American Concrete Polishing

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AMERICAN CONCRETE POLISHING, INC, has been providing polishing and related services to the industry for more than ten years.  Originally part of Blason Industries, Inc., the demand for our quality workmanship and dedication encouraged us to breakout the polishing division for branding and identification purposes.  Our large fleet of trucks and equipment, and our experienced in-house crews allow us to meet the strenuous demands of our industry.  We service not only our local markets, but travel extensively throughout the United States.   


Simply put- We care!  Our crews are our employees and our family.  Each and every technician on your jobsite works to protect our clients and our reputation.  In our rapidly growing industry, some have expanded beyond their operational control, diluting their crew experience or even subcontracting out the work.  We will not do this. Our reputation and standing in this industry is impeccable, and we place the greatest value on our lasting relationships with our clients.

On-site job reporting?

Our crews provide daily reporting, photo evidence, and other documentation of project progress, emailed straight to the desk of your off-site project managers.  Our program includes daily emails and progress reports that allow for quick and accurate schedule adjustments. When a project can gain a day or two on the schedule from our efforts, or if unanticipated hurdles are recognized that require rapid decisions, our crews are there to identify and communicate.  When servicing nationwide accounts, this ability is invaluable to many of our clients. 


Our staff has extensive training, participated in seminars, or are certified with many manufacturers and organizations: International Polished Concrete Institute, Diamatic, Ameripolish, SealSource, Convergent, CTS, L.M. Scofield, Ameripolish, Retro Plate Concrete Polishing Systems, Ashford Formula, Induroshine, Lythic, Substrate Technologies, W.R. Meadows, Prime Resins, Elite Crete Systems, Prosoco, Increte Systems, Versa Flex, Metzger/McGuire, Crete Fill, HI Tech Systems, Euclid and many others.

We also provide training to our clients on how to care for their newly polished concrete. Training can be done onsite.